George Dhauw (1994) is an Antwerp based music producer and sound designer.

George has been working as a sound designer and composer on theater projects (ranging from text theater to Dance) and installations for museum space since 2017. In his work, he has been researching Silence, Spatiality, Rhythm of the theatrical text and digital techniques.

As a sound- and music designer for stage, George collaborated with several prominent directors and across some of the biggest theaters in Europe. As one of his main partnerships, his collaboration with Belgium director Ivo van Hove can be seen in many works such as ‘La menagerie de verre’ with actress Isabelle Huppert exhibited in theater odeon in Paris. And ‘Who killed my father’ which premiered at the young vic in London.

During these years a broad experience was developed in the field of theatrical processes and the establishment of big theatrical codes and theatrical plot developments.

As Sound- and Music designer George worked on various productions with live musicians, singing actors and on a few occasions performed as a musician himself. His combination of music and sound-design makes him unique in the field of theater and music. This is because the experience for the audience is made more complete as sound and music are composed along with each other.

Also the experience for the audience is enhanced due to the technical installations George uses to put the audience within the sound and lets the audience be part of this sound. 


George released his Debut album all we need is an interpretation in 2018